LAJuliaUtils is my personal repository for utility functions, mainly for dataframes.

As it is not a registered Julia package, use it with :add

It implements the following functions:

  • addCols!(df, colsName, colsType) - Adds to the DataFrame empty column(s) colsName of type(s) colsType

  • pivot(df::AbstractDataFrame, rowFields, colField, valuesField; <kwd args>) - Pivot and optionally filter and sort in a single function

  • customSort!(df, sortops) - Sort a DataFrame by multiple cols, each specifying sort direction and custom sort order

  • toDict(df, dimCols, valueCol) - Convert a DataFrame in a dictionary, specifying the dimensions to be used as key and the one to be used as value.

  • findall(pattern,string,caseSensitive=true) - Find all the occurrences of pattern in string

In particular the pivot() function accepts the following arguments:

  • df::AbstractDataFrame: the original dataframe, in stacked version (dim1,dim2,dim3... value)

  • rowFields: the field(s) to be used as row categories (also known as IDs or keys)

  • colField::Symbol: the field containing the values to be used as column headers

  • valuesField::Symbol: the column containing the values to reshape

  • ops=sum: the operation(s) to perform on the data, default on summing them

  • filter::Dict: an optional filter, in the form of a dictionary of column_to_filter => [list of ammissible values]

  • sort: optional row field(s) to sort

While an updated, expanded and revised version of this chapter is available in "Chapter 9 - Working with Data" of Antonello Lobianco (2019), "Julia Quick Syntax Reference", Apress, this tutorial remains in active development.

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