SymPy is a wrapper to the Python SymPy library for symbolic computation: solve equations (or system of equations), simplify them, find derivates or integrals...

An overview of its capabilities can be found on the following notebook: computation.ipynb

Some additional notes to that notebook:

  • You can plot a function that includes symbols, e.g.: plot(2x,0,1) plots y=2x in the [0,1] range

  • For the infinity symbol use either oo or Inf (eventually with + or -)

Other Mathematical packages

  • Numerical integration of definite integrals (univariate): (QuadGK Package: quadgk(x->2x,0,2))

While an updated, expanded and revised version of this chapter is available in "Chapter 10 - Mathematical Libraries" of Antonello Lobianco (2019), "Julia Quick Syntax Reference", Apress, this tutorial remains in active development.

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